OK OK! Friday, Aug 3 2007 

Well, I have heard a lot of impatient comments from people that are expecting to see some picture of the wedding up here! I didn’t even realize that anyone was still looking at this site, but it seems like a good idea.


You can now see a lot more pictures over at my site on Flickr-I’m always putting more up, but it’s a pretty good start, I think.


Note about Corkins/Chama area Thursday, Aug 24 2006 

This is just a really brief rundown of some important points about our wedding. Yes, it is a little bit out of the way-and we appreciate everyone who is going through the trouble to join us there! 🙂 As far as getting there-if you are not driving all the way across the country or wherever, then you will definitely want to fly into Albuquerque airport and rent a car there. And yes, it is a four hour drive from Albuquerque, so please bear that in mind. However, there are many places to stop if anyone wants to make a long relaxed drive of it, from Santa Fe and Espanola to a few scenic overlooks along the way.

Corkins is near, but not in, the small town of Chama in far Northern NM; if you are staying somewhere besides Corkins, the distance from Albuquerque is all about the same. Our directions page has directions to the Corkins and Brazos rentals.