Corkins is now full-so if you don’t have a cabin there yet, I recommend calling Brazos Rentals as soon as you are sure of your plans. Of course there are other options available in Chama and the area-look at our accommodations page.

The cabins are available starting on Thursday.

Cabin 11 will be unavailable due to renovation, unfortunately.

Cabin assignments (so far)

Loghouse: Ray, Joan, Anthony, Jim, Julie, Sarah, Jack, Mary Louise, John, Joel (Finley)

Ponderosa: Doug and Lauren

Winterhouse: Gwen, Carlos, Anthony, Pat, Mary, Steve, Eleanor (Jaramillo/Estrada)

Sloans: Denise, Jamo, Meg, Jack, Ewen, Ian (Hammer/Finley/Wright)

Tipton: Laurie, Carl, Meg, and Judy.

Jonah: Norm and Jane Gagne

Cabin 2: Tennille, Ruth, Kam, Lawrence, Kelly (Friends of L and D)

Cabin 4: Doug and Judy, Ann and Bob, Claire (LaBrecque/Baird)

Cabin 1: Pat, Kurt and Elena, Monica, Christopher

Peebles: Joyce and Bob (Senneway)

Knothole:Nick and Jane, Mike, James (?)

Cabin 3: Mariusz & Sarah Kozak, Floriana Anton & Anthony Pillorget

Cabin 10: Pat and Laurie, Amy, Jodie and Anthony (Danenberg/St.Claire)


Bambi Suite: Cassandra Malone & David Pollak

Stellar Suite:  Carson Basye and Camille Angel & Liana Stearns

Condo C: Scarpetta/Field family

Condo E: Kathryn, Chad & Laura McCoy, Laura Burkett (and Husband)

Condo F: Marcio Rodriguez, Sandro Franschetti, Rafael Howell and Maki