Wednesday May 30:Afternoon: Lauren and Doug arrive at Corkins.

Thursday May 31:

We plan to make the trek over to Taos for a half-day whitewater trip in the morning-

Friday June 1:

Afternoon: Rehearsal for ceremony musicians.

Late afternoon: wedding rehearsal

Evening: potluck dinner with everyone who has arrived. All the cabins have full kitchens, so we’ll all be cooking up a storm! Or maybe grilling-all the cabins come with gas grills as well…

Saturday June 2:

10 AM-orchestra rehearsal


Catered dinner reception afterwards.
Then we will all hang out and have fun!

Here is some help on where to get some groceries for those nifty kitchens.

Sunday: Time to leave, sadly. Everyone, including us, will pack up and head back from whence they came.